Oops, they're doing it again!

Today I received the following "Take Action" alert from the IPCPR asking everyone in the premium cigar industry, and all premium cigar consumers, to call their respective representatives and urge them to oppose the revised version of the SCHIP expansion plan:

Following votes in both the House of Representatives and Senate, both chambers approved the second version of SCHIP expansion, funded solely by tobacco excise tax increases, specifically the excessive cigar excise tax increase. However, final votes demonstrate that President Bush's veto will withstand a veto override vote.

The pressure will be on those Congressmen and Senators who have voted against the SCHIP bill, HR3693, to vote in favor of the veto override. Take this opportunity to contact your congressmen and congresswomen and urge them to consider an alternative compromise to the current, draconian cigar tax!

You know what to do, and thank you in advance. We did it before and we can do it again. – G.K.


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