My Weekend Cigar: Reyes Family Cigars Premier Maduro Perfecto

This weekend offered a good opportunity to starting digging into more of the new cigars I picked up at the IPCPR show last month in Las Vegas. One of them was the new Reyes Family Premier Selection Perfecto. In case you haven't been in the loop, the Reyes family produces Puros Indios cigars and Cuba Aliados cigars, and the "Reyes Family" brand now represents the company's flagship in three new blends created by Carlos Diez and Rolando Reyes.

The Reyes Family Premier cigars selection features Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro wrappers with an all-Nicaraguan core of Condega & Jalapa longfillers and a nondescript binder leaf. The Perfecto, which weighs in at 5" x 56 is an attractive-looking cigar, and the tapered head is rolled open, so there's no need to clip it. Just light-up and go. The line is also distinguished by black, white and blue bands.

The pre-smoke had an earthy, woody flavor with an excellent draw. Once lit, the smoke oozed easily out of the tiny head and maintained much of its pre-light flavors. The smoke started out medium-bodied dominated by dark, woody tobacco flavors, and the wrapper did not have the "sweetness" associated with most Maduro wrappers, which I prefer. However, as it burned toward the fat section in the middle, the cigar took on a much fuller flavor while maintaining a good, even burn. The finish was somewhat on the dry side, and not all that complex, but overall, the Reyes Premier Perfecto was a smooth, full-flavored ride.

I also tried one other new offering from the Reyes Family Vintage cigars selection. It was a 6" x 46 "Corona," and this line is distinguished by black, white and green bands. I found this cigar much more flavorful than the Premier Maduro, and its aged cedar and nutmeg character reminded me a lot of the Puros Indios Maxima Reserve 2003 selection. Unfortunately, there's not much information on the Vintage line at this time, but keep your eyes peeled for them. All three Reyes Family cigars, which also include the Reyes Family Classic cigars (black, white and red bands) with a natural Ecuadorian Sumatra and a four-nation filler blend, should be hitting the cigar store shelves soon.

~Gary Korb


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