My Weekend Cigar: Oliva Cain Maduro Robusto

Two weeks ago I gave kudos to the Oliva Cain Habano Robusto, and yesterday I treated myself to the Cain Maduro Robusto. That now leaves me with sans Cains, but after yesterday's experience I'm going to be in the market for a box to show up either on or, because I definitely want more.

Like it's brother, the Oliva Cain Maduro Robusto is rolled to a 5" x 50 with a triple-fermented, "straight ligero" core, but the wrapper is a dark, oily, Mexican San Andreas leaf. And like the Habano, the pre-light flavor was sweet, noticeably sweeter, with a leathery pre-light flavor, too. The construction of the cigar was also par excellence - well-packed with a beautiful cap that popped-off in a perfect circle when clipped.

Once lit, here again, when I touched my tongue to the tobacco at the head, the tobacco tasted sweet, but there was also more noticeable coffee bean flavor mixed in. The smoke was creamy, smooth, aromatic, and more medium-bodied to my palate; not peppery spicy in the least.

The burn was also consistent with the earlier Habano version; clean, but leaving a more rounded than pointed cherry (see close-up below).

Moving into the second act, the cigar remained very smooth and sweet, laced with coffee notes, when an appealing nutmeg flavor presented itself. A banquet of sweet spices were the order of the day on this cigar, which also made it more a complex experience for me than the Habano.

Everything about this cigar was on-target right through the last third. I would even go so far as to say it was a "perfect cigar," not unlike the Quesada 35th Anniversary I smoked last month. Some cigars have it, some don't, but the Oliva Cain Maduro definitely has it. Smoking it down to about an inch, the cigar never turned bitter, and when I was finally forced to leave it in the ashtray, I wanted another. Suffice it to say, I guess I'm now going to have to pick up a box.

I highly recommended the Oliva Cain Maduro cigars for those curious about "straight ligero" blends, and especially for cigar smokers who love sweet, full-flavored cigars.

My scores: (Note, I've added a new "balance" parameter to my scoring list.)
Appearance - 9
Construction - 9
Draw - 9
Burn - 9
Flavor - 10
Balance - 10
Aroma - 9
Total Score: 9.2

How was your Oliva Cain Maduro experience? As always, your comments are welcome.

~ Gary Korb

Comments said…
I'm responding to your question about whether or not I attend store events.....pretty difficult to do when I live in Seattle, WA!!
Which brings me to another comment: I think it would be a smart business move on your part to offer freebies, or reduced pricing, on some items, such as, perhaps, shirts, hats, West coasters. We don't have the privelege of driving or walking into your stores, all of which are on the East coast.........Not to mention the obvious added cost of trying to attend one of the annual cigar shows!!
Cigar Advisor said…
I hear you. As far as freebies, reduced pricing, etc. for West-coasters, Famous Smoke Shop does this on a daily basis via the website to customers around the world. G~

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