How do I keep my cigar from burning unevenly?

Burning Unevenly - Try This...

Purge the smoke by gently blowing through the cigar, and then set it down on the ashtray with the slow-burning side down. Once the burn has caught up, rotate your cigar while smoking for a continued even burn.

 The Science: Smoke rising from the resting cigar displaced oxygen, thereby decreasing the rate of combustion at the "top" of the lit foot. At the same time, a convective current of air increases the combustion rate at the "bottom" of the foot. With a little patience, a well-made cigar should even itself out without having to touch it up.

Pro Tip: Take care not to smoke too quickly; for best possible burn, taste, and aroma, smoke as slowly as the cigar will allow.

The Science: By allowing the tobaccos to smolder slowly, its sugars are being caramelized instead of carbonized. Carmelization renders appealingly sweet flavors; carbonization renders unpleasantly charred, tarry flavors. Furthermore. lowering the rate of the combustion forces the tobaccos to burn more evenly.


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