RTDA 2007 Preview: Hatuey Cigars

Here's a new premium cigar nugget you may want to check out. I was introduced to Hatuey cigars (pronounced, "ha-tway") by a friend who sent me some samples a couple of months ago in several sizes and wrappers. I have to admit these boutique cigars were all pretty good. Nicely handcrafted construction, well-balanced, smooth, and flavorful.

Backstory: The Hatuey Tobacco Company was founded by Gustavo and Marlon Peña, and is located in the fertile Cibao region of The Dominican Republic. The Peñas cultivate their tobaccos on farms in Bonao, Villa Gonzales, Navarrete, Piloto, Cotui, and other areas of the region. The tobaccos are all aged for two years before being sorted into the different blends which include two "Special Reserve" lines (Classic and Figured), plus a variety of bundle cigar selections.

Hatuey cigars will officially debut at this year's RTDA 2007 Trade Show and Convention in Houston (Aug. 4-8). If you'd like to learn more about this new premium cigar selection visit HatueyCigars.com, or hatueycigarsreno.com.

Thanks to my friend "Frank" for giving me a first-hand look and taste. Now it's up to Joe Public to decide their fate. I'll be watching from the sidelines.


Sam Peterson said…
I was in Reno one month ago, I tried this cigars, I really like the flavor and construction. I recomend Hatuey Cigars,and I am very happy you help promoting this new company. I think Hatuey Cigars is a very good choice for the cigar smokers.
Anonymous said…
I have tried several different Hatuey cigars. I have been impressed with all I have smoked.They are constructed well,using good quality leaves,and rolled very firmly.If you enjoy a Cuban cohiba, try the Rothchild natural.The special reserve line are really a treat!

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