Tony Borhani's ICON cigar shows real promise

This isn't an official cigar review. Think of it as a beacon directing your attention to something that in the not-too-distant future may be one of best new cigars of the year - and you heard it here first.

It all started last Friday night over dinner, when Tony "Bahia cigars" Borhani, and most of the other cigar manufacturers were in town for the Famous Smoke Shop B-B-Q Bash. I was walking around the tables doing the meet 'n greet when I spotted Tony who could easily be mistaken for Vin Diesel. (He told me he often is, too.) As he stood up, he handed me a very attractive-looking Torpedo with a black band and the word ICON embossed in silver.

I was given several cigars during the evening, but when some of us headed back to a friend's house to cap-off the evening, for some reason this particular cigar called-out to me. It lit perfectly and was remarkably creamy, well-balanced and medium-bodied. At one point the cigar went out, and drawing on it in its unlit state I realized how sweet this cigar was, too. I don't know what the blend is (Tony isn't ready to say at this time), but the wrapper looks like a Corojo, and I'm sure there's some Nicaraguan filler in there. I also noticed that the rolling on these cigars is exceptional. The spot of dark Ligero was dead center on the few samples I saw, and my cigar drew and burned perfectly all the way down.

Tony must have been doing a little test marketing, because at the event the next day, although he was handing out his Deseo cigars, a few lucky guests were also given a complimentary ICON cigar.

At least two of my co-workers who smoked the ICON agree with my assessment, but I'm even more curious to know if anyone else has had one, and what were their thoughts?

Finally, I asked Tony if he would be debuting the cigar at RTDA Houston, and he nodded, so you may be hearing more about ICON by Tony Borhani later this month as the show approaches.



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