Cigar Catastrophes and other Disasters

By Gary Korb

We've all had 'em. Those times when we were enjoying one of our favorite cigars and then, S**T!, something really nasty happened to it. What inspired me to bring up this subject was a posting titled, "Cigar Disasters" by "jaycarla" at back in October of last year. It was one of those items I was saving, and forgot about until I did some New Year's cleaning-up of my folders. There are some real doozies there, too.

Here's one of my more memorable disasters:

Two years ago, over Labor Day Weekend, my wife and I were in The Hamptons with my friend Jon and his wife visiting a local winery. Also joining us were Jon's parents. As we began an afternoon of wine tasting on the winery's scenic outdoor patio, Jon, his Dad, and I lit up our cigars and partook. I was smoking an Ashton. About halfway through my cigar the manager of the winery came over, politely asked us to put out our cigars, and we obliged.

Normally, when you put a cigar out, you just put it down and let it go out by itself. So, even though they were in the ashtray, the cigars continued to smoke for while, and mine in particular. In an effort to stop the cigar burning, Jon's Mom, a cigarette smoker, not a cigar smoker, took my cigar and hastily snubbed it out like a Marlboro. Because I was looking elsewhere at the time, I didn't see her do it. But I did hear Jon say, "Gary, my Mom just smashed your Ashton." So my Ashton quickly became a "Smashton."

If you want to read about more cigar misadventures, read all of the Cigar Disasters. The postings are pretty much done by now, but you can still add your own stogie calamity. I did.


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