A transparent little piece of cigar history

Yesterday I received a great question from a reader regarding the first use of cellophane wrappers on premium cigars.

He wrote: "I was told that the first or one of the first companies to use cellophane to wrap cigars was the cigar company of Jose Escalante & Company. They were the makers of the Corina cigars - 'Queen of the Mild Cigars.' Could you tell me if this is fact? I do know that they were one of the first to use cellophane wrappers, but I would like to know who began using the cellophane machines to wrap cigars?"

As I sat there, deep in thought, rubbing my chin, I decided to try one of my best resources, Mr. Richard Carleton Hacker, author of The Ultimate Cigar Book. Mr. Hacker is one of the world's leading authorities on premium cigars, and although the book is currently out of print, copies may still be found at some tobacconists and on the internet. It's a must have for anyone interested in the history, production and enjoyment of handmade premium cigars.

According to Mr. Hacker, "Julius Caesar Newman of the J.C. Newman cigar company was the first to cello cigars. [They] started during The Depression."

~ Gary Korb


Anonymous said…
Corina was the first with the hole in the middle (filter) which negated biting or cutting off the tip of a cigar. Also they were passed out exclusively on the all male United airline flights between NYC & Chicago during the 50's and sixty's
Anonymous said…
I have a Corina Larks Extra Mild cigar box and I am doing an ethnic report on cuban americans and wanted to know if Corina Cigars originated from Cuba.
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