La Aurora Cigars Bows Informative New Website

I received an email this morning from Tabacalera Aurora (one of my favorite Dominican cigar makers) calling my attention to the debut of La Aurora's new company website.

According to Rene Castañeda of Miami Cigar, distributor for La Aurora Cigars, "We have included all the information about our products and some history background. We expect this site to be a great tool for every cigar smoker."

I checked out the site, and it's pretty slick. The colorfully designed home page loads mostly above the fold, and provides a fast and easy way to find out information on their cigars, including, La Aurora Preferidos, Cien Años, Aurora 1495 Series, León Jimenes, La Aurora (Classic), and Leoninos, among others. Also at the top of the page is a short list of news & events. Below the top section are graphical links to retailers of La Aurora resellers worldwide, a link to their most highly-rated cigars, and a link to the fascinating history of the company.

There's also an informative page describing the tobacco growing and curing process that's presented in an uncluttered, easy-to-follow manner.

Under "News & Events," you'll find information on the new Aurora Connoisseur Collection which offers the Aurora 1495 series in a variety of four different wrappers: Connecticut, Cameroon, Brazilian, and Corojo. The original blend has an Ecuadorian wrapper. The concept behind the Connoisseur Collection is to illustrate just how different wrappers affect the same blend. (I'll be writing up a review of the entire Collection in the coming weeks. I started with the Connecticut yesterday, and all I'll say for now is, there is a difference.) There's also an announcement about the new León Jimenes 300 Series, which should be hitting retail store shelves shortly.

To learn more about this family-owned business that started in 1903, visit the La Aurora cigars website.

~ Gary Korb


Cigar Jack said…
Definitely a great website, they need to snag to make it a bit easier to find. It took me awhile to find the site. I wish I would have seen this before spending a good chunk of time using Google.

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