My Weekend Cigar: Panter Mignon Dessert

This was not exactly a great weekend for my weekend cigars. Too cold to go outside, and unable to get down to the cigar store because I was on "kids watch" all Saturday and Sunday, I wasn't able to light-up a sizable cigar. However, where there's a will, there's a way, and it's for occasions just like this that I often keep little cigars on hand.

The little cigars in this case were from a tin of Panter Mignon Dessert cigars that I keep in my basement music studio. I prefer not to smoke down there, because of all the equipment, but the Panters are good for about 15 minutes, and they don't stink things up too much in that time period.

Panter Mignon Dessert aren't just little cigars, they're tiny cigars; not exactly my size preference in the small cigars category, but they are mighty handy in a pinch. I once also had to resort to them when I was at a local bar that permitted cigarettes, but not cigars. Fortunately, these innocuous little treats didn't raise the ire of the management.

At 2 7/8" x 25, the Panter Mignon Dessert is even smaller than your average cigarette, and due to their diminutive dimensions I sometimes have to keep from inhaling. They have this delicate coffee scent when you open the tin. The smoke itself is very mild and creamy. It doesn't have a coffee flavor, but there is a faint hint of it in the aroma. Actually, there's more aroma than flavor in these cigarillos, and aroma is always a plus with me.

I've never been much of a small cigar smoker, but I do get a craving every now and then for a Padron Cortico, a Rock Patel Junior, a Plasencia Reserva Organica Nestico, or a CAO Gold Karat, all of which have ring gauges in the mid to upper 30's, and feel more like "real" cigars. Thing is, after I smoke one, I immediately want another. I suppose that's one of the reasons I have a big problem with little cigars.

Your thoughts?


Cigar Jack said…
A friend of mine got me hooked on Villiger Exports for when I'm in a hurry. Unfortunately my local shop doesn't carry the Maduros which I heard are better.
Gary Korb said…
Famous Smoke Shop has 'em in the box of 50.


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