Cigars and the "marrying" thing

I'm pretty sure I've touched upon this subject before, but here goes: About a week or so ago I received an email from a gentlemen who wrote: "I normally keep my sticks separated. I'm wondering if mixing two brands together would be like a married effect. Would it turn out to be a different kind of taste? Could it do more harm than good?"

I've been asked about the marrying thing a lot, and I know there are some cigar smokers who are particularly finicky in this regard. A few have told me that they have special sections in thier humidors and/or separate cigar humidors just for their maduro cigars, their Nicaraguan cigars, their Cuban cigars, whatever, and have even described other variations of cigar segregation too numerous to mention.

I've been comingling my cigars in my humidors for years and I've never noticed any distinct difference in the way they smoke or taste. Perhaps there is some credibility as to the "marrying" with other tobaccos over long periods of time, but from my experience the cigars don't seem to be affected much at all. If anything, they taste better.

I advised the writer to put some cigars of varying brands in his humidor with their cellos and some without. Then, after a few months, to smoke one of each and compare to see if the flavor was affected in any way.

Your thoughts?


Brandon said…
I've been wanting to test this for a while... to learn if it actually impacts overall flavor.

As for aroma, I definitely experience blending from a co-mingled humidor.

Example: Kristoff (with a distinct grassy, barnyard scent) sitting next to a CAO Brazillia (with a more typical maduro, spice/cedar scent). After a period of a week, the CAO has picked up those distinctly Kristoff notes when you sniff the binder.
MonkeyDan said…
In my personal humidor, I have over 600 cigars. Of which, 200 are diffeent tobaccos, orgins, etc. In over 20 years, I never had a "marrying" problem or noticed a difference. Seperating your cigars is like matching your socks; does it really matter?
Joe said…
I allow my cigars to co-mingle as well. However, I recently put a very mellow cigar in a brand new humidor and it took on a little more spice from the Spanish cedar. Never have had a problem cigar to cigar.

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