My Weekend Cigar: Graycliff Profesionale PG

By Gary Korb

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be picture perfect for smoking a good cigar; warm and breezy with plenty of sunshine. So, I decided to go with something a little extra special from my humidor, a Graycliff (Blue) Profesionale PG.

Some cigar smokers tend to shy away from Graycliff selections because, let's face it, they ain't cheap. But they truly are very special cigars, and if you ever wanted to spoil yourself for an hour or more, you're very likely to find them well worth the investment.

Graycliff prides themselves on the fact that their cigars only the rarest, most select tobaccos in some of the most unique combinations, too. Plus they're rolled in limited quantity by a very limited number of master rollers. Altogether, you have cigars that are extremely high in quality and consistency.

I've had a couple of Graycliff Profesionale cigars in the past in other sizes, but not the PG, a 5¼" x 50 Robusto. This cigar dons a flawless Indonesian wrapper with a blend consisting of tobaccos from The Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Nicaragua. (Graycliff prefers not to be too specific about the tobaccos used in their blends.)

I decided to smoke the cigar with a Sleeman Honey Brown Lager. I don't normally drink beer with a cigar, but I had a feeling this particular brew would make a nice combo, and I was right.

The cap clipped perfectly and the cold draw was somewhat nutty with a note of sweetness. Once lit, the smoke drew smooth as silk and was creamy as freshly-churned butter. The flavor was primarily toasty, nutty, and slightly earthy with just the right amount of sweetness.

If I had to compare the Graycliff Blue PG to another fine cigar, I would probably say the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature, but the Graycliff had more going for it in terms of depth. Moreover, the semi-sweet, malty flavor of the lager complimented an appealing bready quality I also found in the smoke. The finish left my palate a little dry, but the flavors were so perfectly balanced the smoke never varied, even down to the one-half inch stub I left in the ashtray.

As some of the best medium-bodied cigars go, this one was truly a joy to behold.

For what it's worth, I also noticed that Famous Smoke Shop is currently offering free shipping on all boxes of Graycliff cigars.


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