My Weekend Cigar: Perdomo Estate Selección Vintage 1991 Nobleza

Yesterday afternoon, while my wife was enjoying a restful Mother's Day, I was out on the patio enjoying a cigar that I've been keeping an eye on in my humidor for quite a while - a Perdomo Estate Selección Vintage 1991 Nobleza. I figured if my wife deserves a special day, I deserve a special cigar, and if there's one thing I love (besides my beautiful wife), it's a cigar that lives up to its reputation.

First a little back-story. All of the Perdomo Selection Estate Selección Vintage 1991 cigars are filled with tobaccos from a rare Cuban-seed tobacco grown in Esteli, Nicaragua. Although most of the cigars in the line feature Connecticut and Maduro wrappers, there are two sizes presented in tubos that are wrapped in a genuine, first-grade African Cameroon wrapper: The 6" x 54 Maestro and the 5 5/8" x 48 Nobleza.

Everything about the Nobleza was exquisite. It started out a little spicy, but quickly rounded-out to a smooth and creamy smoke that was rich in flavor, perfectly balanced, and gave off one of the sweetest aromas ever to grace my olfactory senses.

The flavors were predominantly "woody." I picked up traces of oak, sweet cedar and a hint of white pepper. As the cigar smoked the flavors become much more intricate. The strength, which I would classify as medium to full in flavor, did not increase in intensity, but in complexity. I literally smoked it down to a half inch, and if I could have gone further I would have. (I think I enjoyed this cigar even more than the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio I smoked awhile back.)

Because of its unique flavor characteristics. I found the Nobleza to be one of those rare cigars that's difficult to describe. IOW, you really have to smoke it yourself to fully appreciate it. It was so right-on-the-money in every category - from the construction and burn, to the flavor, finish and aroma - if I had to rate it, I'd probably give it a "95."

At around $113/box, they may not fit every cigar smoker's budget, but fortunately, the Nobleza tubos are also available in a 3-pack. If you're looking for a superb "special occasion" cigar the Perdomo ESV '91 Nobleza is well worth the investment.


Sound great i will definitely be picking up a box before my vacation to Turkey in two weeks.
This is a great post Gary, Thanks for this! they certainly do sound worth the investment!


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