A cigar that's not on my "A" list

By Gary Korb

Well, I'm back from my vacation, and as mentioned in my last posting, I brought 12 excellent cigars with me, and can you believe it?. . .I didn't even get to smoke all of them. Driving from the Lehigh Valley to North Carolina, then two days later down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and all the way back again, I think I spent more time in the car than I did out of it. The only upside to that, besides the fact that my kids behaved themselves for the most part was, I was able to buy most of my gas at under $4/gallon.

I do want to mention one cigar-smoking experience I had while visiting my friend Benn and his family in Myrtle Beach. About four years ago he hooked into a couple of boxes of the 9¼" x 47 Cuban Montecristo A's. Benn doesn't smoke cigars. He bought a box for his brother, who happens to be an avid cigar smoker, and kept the second box for friends like me.

I had completely forgotten about them since he'd moved away two years ago, but when I walked into his house, a humidor on one of his shelves immediately caught my eye. Curious to see what was inside I opened it up and there they were - the A's - about six cigars left, too. I checked them and they still felt pretty fresh, so after dinner Benn poured a couple of glasses of The Glinlevit and we partook out by the pool.

Truth be told, the cigar had that nice dark, earthy Cuban Montecristo flavor, but on the downside, virtually no draw whatsoever. I must have tried every way possible to get it to draw, but even though I somehow managed to smoke it down to about the 4-inch mark, I'd be lyin' if I said I enjoyed it. I should have gone back into the house and broken out the Perdomo Habano Toro Maduro cigar from my travel case.

And so it goes...


Herfin Bigdog said…
Welcome Back Gary!

I missed you blog comments.

I look forward to reading your future posts my Friend.

Aka Herfin Bigdog
Gary Korb said…
Thanks Bryan. You made my day. I now know that least somemone out there is actually reading this stuff. ;-)

(Seriously, it really does mean a lot.)

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