My Weekend Cigar: Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon Preferido

By Gary Korb

One of the better cigars on my menu this past weekend was the Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon Preferido. In case you've been paying more attention to the activities of the presidential candidates, the Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon selection is one of the new line extensions from Cusano Cigars. A couple of months ago when Mike and Joe Cusano paid a visit to Famous Smoke Shop, I tried the 59 Rare Cameroon Robusto. That was a pretty good cigar, but size and shape do make a difference, and I was much more impressed with the Preferido which is rolled to a voluptuous 5¾" x 58 double perfecto.

This cigar had two things going for it that I admire: 1, the toothy, high-grade African Cameroon wrapper, and 2, the shape itself. The pre-smoke had an appealing cedary flavor and drew easily. Once lit, the cigar burned perfectly with a long firm ash. The flavor was well-balanced and very smooth with a predominantly "woody" character, laced with a note of sweetness. The finish was relatively clean, and in the final third I detected a faint hint of caramel.

I smoked the cigar with a glass of Offley's Tawny Port, which brought some of the darker tobacco flavors to light. This cigar smoked well for a solid hour and I left only about a half inch in the ashtray.

Overall, a well-rounded, medium-bodied cigar, not all that complex, but with plenty of flavor. If you’re a figurado fan, I highly recommend this cigar as a tasty, late afternoon or after dinner cigar.

Although the Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon cigars are still relatively new at retail, I'm curious if anyone else has had a chance to try these cigars. If so, please comment so we can compare notes.


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