"Warn the kids, but keep the cigars"

It's dubious at to whether Governor Schwarzenegger read my recent blog, Anti-smokers: Get off of Hollywood's back, but in an AP news story that appeared today, the cigar-smoking Gov. was quoted as saying:
"I personally don't believe that we should erase cigarettes in movies. I don't believe that we should erase when someone smokes a cigar in a movie. I think that we should remind people and kids all the time about the dangers of smoking," the governor said.

"To all the sudden tell actors not to smoke a cigarette in a movie when they portray a character ... is ludicrous. I think this is going too far," he added.
Mr. Schwarzenegger's comments were made at a news conference at which the major studios announced they will include anti-smoking public service announcements on DVDs and films rated G, PG and PG-13 that include smoking scenes. For the whole story, read: Schwarzenegger: Films shouldn't 'erase' smoking

Its all good that the motion picture industry is taking steps to warn young people about the effects of smoking, but as I indicated in my posting, the studios shouldn't have to kowtow to pressure groups who want them to remove smoking scenes from films marketed to young audiences.

Thank you Mr. Governor not wanting to terminate that aspect of the film industry.

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