My Weekend Cigar: Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto

I was fighting off a cold or some kind of funky allergy for the better part of last week, so I had to abstain from cigar smoking until yesterday evening when I felt better and reached for a Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto (5½" x 54). Unfortunately, there's not that much information available about these cigars online other than some spotty reviews. Even Miami Cigar, who distributes these cigars, shows nada right now on their website, but I can tell you this about the blend: The cigars are made with attractive Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers and binders with a core of Nicaraguan and Costa Rican tobaccos.

Truth be told, I've had several of these cigars since I received my first samples earlier this year. They've all been consistently flavorful, well-balanced, and medium to full-bodied in strength, depending on the shape, and have actually become a new favorite of mine, too. I stress the shape because about two weeks ago I smoked one of the Lanceros I received at IPCPR show in Las Vegas back in July, and there was quite a contrast to the Robusto I smoked last night.

The Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto is remarkably smooth with a predominantly toasty-earthy character. Thick, creamy smoke spreads rich, nutty flavors on the palate with dash of nutmeg and a sweet note of caramel on the finish. The draw and burn were both exceptional as well. I smoked it with a glass of tonic water and fresh-squeezed lime juice. As the cigar entered the final act, it developed a more full-flavored and spicier taste, but the overall toastiness of the smoke kept it at bay.

Compared to the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Lancero (7½" x 38) I smoked couple of weeks ago, the Robusto was relatively mild. That cigar, although equally smooth and with similar flavor properties, had a lot more punch to it.

It's tough to decide on which cigar I enjoyed more, but IMO the Robusto, perhaps due to its having a greater amount of tobacco, had more complexity to it. I have another Lancero left, so the jury's still out on that one. But this having been my third Robusto, I can empirically attest to this cigar being especially satisfying.

Please feel free to comment if you've smoked any of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars. I'd like to get your thoughts.

~ Gary Korb


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