My Weekend Cigar: Nestor Miranda Special Selection "Intermezzo" by Don Pepin Garcia

About two weeks ago I received a "care package" from my good friend, Rene Castaneda, Managing Director and National Sales Manager of Miami Cigar & Company. Inside were several Rothschild-size cigars and a note asking for feedback on this new Nestor Miranda Special Selection blended by Don José Pepin Garcia. The cigars were named "Intermezzo" and measured 4½" x 50.

I've been singing the praises of the Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars since their release. The blend was originally made by STC, makers of Gran Habano cigars, which I've also highly endorsed, so it was no surprise I took to the NMSS so positively. Of course, when I read that the cigars would now be made by Don Pepin, my eyes couldn't help but widen a little.

For comparison purposes, here's what I wrote about the STC-made Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto in "My Weekend Cigar" posting of September 8:

"…remarkably smooth with a predominantly toasty-earthy character. Thick, creamy smoke spreads rich, nutty flavors on the palate with dash of nutmeg and a sweet note of caramel on the finish...As the cigar entered the final act, it developed a more full-flavored and spicier taste, but the overall toastiness of the smoke kept it at bay."

Now to the Nestor Miranda Special Selection "Intermezzo" by Don Pepin. With Don Pepin's reputation for creating bold, spicy cigars, I expected the Intermezzo to be a completely different animal, much more full-bodied and spicier. But after lighting it up it was remarkably similar in character to the STC version. The smoke was smooth, medium-bodied, earthy, and sweet, with little or no trace of pepper on the finish. The cigar burned perfectly, too. I did notice one difference: the flavor was somewhat "darker," not as "toasty" or "nutty" as the original blend, particularly in the final act. However, I enjoyed this cigar immensely, and pleased that Pepin didn't tweak it too much.

Suffice it to say, "the Pepin touch" will give the Nestor Miranda Special Selection some added prestige among the aficionati, while keeping those who already like this blend satisfied. Good job!

~ Gary Korb


Bryan Newbury said…
I just had the N.M.S.S. lancero yesterday and WHEEEWBOY! I thought the 601 Red was still a touch better to my taste (I love malty) but everyone around (about six guys smoking them) went absolutely bananas. Lofty comparisons to certain Montes were bandied about in the cigar lounge, and the box was eliminated pretty much instantly. Love it. B.

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