My Weekend Cigar: Not!

Many of you have come to expect reading "My Weekend Cigar" on Mondays, and so I thank you for your interest. However, this weekend I went "smokeless." Having recently divorced my wife (hey, s**t happens), I spent the entire weekend moving to my new digs. The place has a great terrace for enjoying a good cigar, and yesterday was an ideal day to do so, but I was so whipped from being up until the wee hours of the morning getting the place organized, I never got around to lighting up.

But, so as not to entirely disappoint you, I can recommend the cigar I'm actually finishing up now as I hastily type away at my PC this morning. I'm smoking a Perdomo Remainders Maduro box-pressed Toro. At $29.99 a bundle, they were pretty hard to resist.

Now, although I have no hard evidence, I also have a sneaking suspicion that these "box pressed" Maduros may be the original Maduros that Perdomo once made for CAO, which would make them at least 7 years old. The smoke is sweet, robust, yet medium-bodied, and very woody in flavor. This is my 5th from the bundle, and every so far one has been excellent, although some have been milder than others.

The only thing that points to these possibly being the old CAO Maduros is that the cigars are now more round than box-pressed -at least the bundle I got. And since it would require a lot of time for them to return to their original shape, that's my logic.

Either way, they're still very nice, and a great deal. Enjoy them with a good cup of coffee in the morning, as I am, to get your day started. And until next Monday…

...Happy smokes!

~ Gary Korb


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