A sincere "thanks" for another great night at the Metropolitan Society cigar club

Last night I had the pleasure once again of being the "guest of honor" at The Metropolitan Society cigar club in Fairfield, NJ. I came with Famous Smoke Shop co-copywriter, Hayward Tenney to present the members with Conuco cigars (one of my current favorite Famous house brands), for their monthly dinner meeting.

It was Hayward's first experience, and he was totally blown-away by the set-up of the club, from the comfy chairs, to the wide screen TVs, to the gaming tables, to the "La Cubana Room," which looks and feels like you're dining in pre-revolutionary Cuba. Much has already been written about the club in several widely read cigar magazines, and you can learn a lot more if you visit their website. There's truly no other cigar club like it, and even Rocky Patel, who has been a guest himself on more than one occasion, has sung the Club's praises.

Also in attendance was another guest, Mike Lemongello, who has been collecting cigar bands since the early 1960's. He brought several cigar boxes overflowing with bands - many from vintage Cuban cigars - for any other band collectors in the room to take for themselves. He said he had something like 7,000 cigar bands, and these were the doubles. (And I thought I had a big collection.)

After handing out the Conuco cigars and Famous Smoke Shop cigar catalogs, Metropolitan Society president, George Koodray, had a surprise for Hayward and me; we were made "honorary members" and given Metropolitan Society polo shirts, which I'm wearing right now. We were completely taken aback, and felt like we really belonged, too. I even volunteered to collect money and split tickets for the raffles. Hey, new members gotta pay their dues, right?

So on behalf of myself, Hayward, and most of all, Famous Smoke Shop, from whom the club buys a lot of cigars, thanks to George, Nick, Benn, Rich, Pasqual, and all of the other members we had the pleasure of meeting last night for everything. We look forward to visiting you all again very soon.

~ Gary Korb


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