Bombing your brothers

As cigar smokers, we share a unique fraternal bond. That much is a given. When we convene to partake of the leaf, our differences melt in the warmth of brotherhood (and sisterhood - I didn't forget you, ladies!), leaving only the virtues of contentment, a life lived more deliberately, and astounding generosity...especially when it comes to bombing.

Bombing, you say?

Yes, bombing. Of the cigar variety.

We've all shared a few sticks with friends from our personal humidors. The digital age has simply updated this concept. The idea is to mail cigars to a friend you've made online, at a herf - wherever - with no expectation of receiving anything in return. It is an extraordinarily selfless act of kindness, unique to cigar smokers, that is invariably appreciated.

I will tell you this much: there's nothing like opening the mailbox after a rough day at work to find, nestled amongst your bills, a 5-pack of smokes you've never tried before. The realization that someone, from some distant place, took time out of his day to select, pack, and ship cigars is, in a word, humbling. Free cigars notwithstanding, it is its own special reward.

To everyone who has ever seen fit to obliterate my mailbox (you know who you are) - Thank you. To all my past, present & future targets - You're welcome. It was my pleasure.

Please share your thoughts with a comment.

- Hayward Tenney


BCL said…
Ha, I bombed you with competitor house blends LOL!!!! That was fun!
Syrlinus said…
I haven't been bombed that often (three times thus far) but have enjoyed it immensely. It does make life interesting and helps build that bond between S/BotL. :)
MountChuck said…
It's definitely a fun pass time. Sometimes bombing with stuff other than cigars, especially regional or local stuff you can't get elsewhere like hot sauce, coffee, and the like, is a nice addition. God knows I've done my share to keep the USPS in business.
Calestus said…
Bombing is an awesome idea, haven't had the chance to do it/have it done as I am mostly new to the forums and online cigar community.
10-7ha said…
Great concept! 10-7 Habaneros will be planning some raid bombings in the near future :)

Good Article!!!!!!!

10-7 Habaneros Aficionados Club
Tacoma, WA.
Danny said…
I wish there was a directory of all the BOTL's address' so that we didn't have to ask for them :-)
peter traud said…
I'm what you would call "novice smoker" but never the less I have the desire to learn more. Bombing sounds like a magnificent idea. Please publish more info on this subject. A blessing in todays rough economy!

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