My Weekend Cigar: Davidoff Limited Edition 2007 "Puro Perfecto"

Last Friday I was given a very special new cigar, a Davidoff Limited Edition 2007 Puro Perfecto. At first glance I thought it was the Davidoff Special Series Short Perfecto (5" x 50), but this is actually a short, double perfecto version of the awesome Davidoff Ltd. Edition 2007 Robusto - an all Dominican tobacco blend - that debuted a couple of years ago (I still have a decent little cache left of those beauties). And speaking of beauties, since this is my favorite cigar shape, I was chomping at the bit to smoke it.

The Davidoff LE 2007 Puro Perfecto weighs-in at 4¼" x 48, and I was impressed with the even tone and silkiness of the wrapper, appropriately called a "Capa Dominicana." For some reason, I decided to V-cut the head, which worked well based on the proportions of the cap, and offered a very easy draw. The cold draw had a light flavor of cedar wood. I also lit the tip as lightly and carefully as possible, starting with a very narrow burn (I wanted to see just how "perfect" this cigar was going to burn). I paired the cigar with a mug of mocha-java and off I went.

The first act was surprisingly mild accompanied by Davidoff's trademark creaminess and inviting aroma. I thought this cigar would have a little more kick, but the coffee complemented the cigar well, and I let the cigar smoke itself. Each puff revealed a predominantly woody flavor laced with delicate hints of sweet spice.

As the cigar approached the 1½-inch mark, I noticed it was burning slightly off-track, but righted itself by the halfway point. It was also at about the halfway point that the cigar jazzed-up in body, while remaining especially creamy, and the sweet, woody flavors became much more prevalent. The ash was also relatively firm throughout leaving a nice little round cherry when ashed.

All-in-all, another fine and relaxing Davidoff cigar experience that turned into a literal finger-burner (see photo at left). Highly recommended if you want a very special, medium-bodied, yet full-flavored treat.

Props also to Tom G. Smith and Jeff Lee of Davidoff for the pleasant weekend surprise.

~ Gary Korb


monkeyDluffy said…
I agree with you..Davidoff Cigars Connoisseur are great piece of art. each cigar has distinct taste and aroma. whenever i go to buy cigars my first preference is to buy any cigar from these...

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