Extreme Makeover: Cigars Edition (A new home for my cigars)

Well, it finally happened: I ran out of humidor space. With cigars and boxes packed into my medium-sized box like so many circus clowns in a VW Beetle, it was time to upgrade.

So I came home Sunday with a new (to me) cigar humidor and could barely contain my excitement. Got it all set up, cleaned out, and the humidifier cranking. It was like Christmas in May - a brand new toy to play with!

I reserved some shelf space on the bottom as my "moochidor." This is where I keep un-banded "mystery cigars" whose origins are unknown, mostly samples inherited with the humidor. These will be passed out to the neighborhood moochers who come looking for a free cigar.

In the middle are some shelves of my "every day" and higher-end loose stock - Perdomo, Rocky Patel, CAO, Tatuaje, PadrĂ³n, OpusX, Davidoff, etc. Above that, two shelves are reserved for boxes.

I'm using a Moist-n-aire for humidification, same as we use in our store's display cases. It seems to be working well, but I might look into getting a small circulation fan or two to promote even humidity throughout.

This is the third (and hopefully LAST) upgrade in storage. I donated my old box to my father-in-law.

Do you need to upgrade, or have you done so recently?

- Hayward Tenney


Calestus said…
I have a wineador thing and for the past couple months have just been playing tetris to get new sticks in there.

I need to look at something bigger.

I had some thoughts of ripping out the thermoelectric components and building a large cabinet around them. I may still do that.
KnightRid said…
I NEED to upgrade, but the wife just does not see it that way ;)

Nice setup you got there!

MountChuck said…
I recently added a second 48 quart cooler solely for boxes to add to my other cooler and 2 100-count desktop humidors. One day I'd like to have a single large humidor, but for now adding coolers is cheaper and more practical.
Marcos El Malo said…
I'm using a small freezer, and like Calestus, I'm playing tetris whenever I get new cigars. There is a drip tray at the bottom of the freezer that holds a layer of odorless kitty litter crystals that I spray with distilled water as needed. I've been thinking about converting a closet to humidor. . .
orsonwelles said…
I think you just coined the term "moochidor" and kudos for that wonderful addition to the cigar lexicon. It inspired me.

I think I'll pick up yet another coolador to deploy as a portable free-standing moochidor: a modest-sized flip-handle Igloo will no doubt handsomely satisfy the travel-moochidor specifications.
Jaebro said…
I could feel your excitement as I was reading your post, and that brought back memories of my "clubchair humidor" when it
arrived for me.
I'd like to share with you to look at the sealed closure of the door for leakage, and may effect your humidity settings, and the over working of the humidifier.
If you adjust the door hindges & that doesn't work, then you might need to apply another round of weather striping as I did.
Between the transit shipping or the oversea's production of humidors, the "spec's" are off a little in this area.
The humidity rushes out at me each time I open the door, since I've applied the weather striping.
I like that "moochidor shelf" as you call it.
You do wind up with lesser quality cigars, and I'm alwayss ready to give them away.
It won't take long to fill the humidor up , but it's a great feeling to choose from any of the many selection you have.
The Reverend said…
Nice rig, Brother! For air circulation help, try looking at an office or janitorial supply store for a fan-operated air freshener system like the "Odyssey Battery Fan Air Freshener Dispenser Unit". Obviously, you'd run the unit without the fragrance, but it runs on a timer that activates the fan at intervals of your choice thus moving the air every so often.
cleondann said…
well.. cupboard humidor is just like home for humidors... u have given right title 2 ur blog
cleon said…
u have given perfect title 2 ur blog..
sorry 4 this 2nd comment

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