My Weekend Cigar: Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto Redux

Since it was Memorial Day Weekend, I had planned on smoking a lot more cigars, and was hoping to write about one of those instead, but time and the weather down at the Jersey shore just didn't cooperate. I actually wrote about this cigar in September last year based on a sample from last year's IPCPR show in Las Vegas. That cigar was made by Guillermo Rico of Gran Habano, but the blend changed hands to Pepin Garcia (solely for practical business reasons) and kept pretty much the same flavor profile with a little more of that signature Don Pepin kick to it.

I smoked this Nestor Miranda Special Selection Robusto on Friday night out on the patio after my boys were tucked into bed. Prior to that, just for fun, I asked the guys to sniff the unlit cigar. Kids are so honest, I was curious what they would say. The verdict was, "Smells like burnt bark with sweetness." Actually, they weren't that far off.

This version was rolled in a Rosado wrapper and I paired it with a glass of The Macallen 12 year-old single malt. What I love about these well-built cigars is how chewy they are, too. You can really bite down on them. The cigar burnt perfectly with a firm ash and produced a sweet-woody flavor. I wouldn't call it "bark-like" but it was definitely woody and went well with the scotch. The smoke was very consistent and I finally let it go at about three-quarters-of-an-inch.

I've smoked a lot of these Nestor Miranda Special Selection cigars since their release, and they've become one of my new favorites for their consistency in construction and flavor. They're medium-to-full in body, building to a robust, full-flavored smoke after the second act. I highly recommend these cigars, but they are often hard to find in stock. Be patient if you have to backorder them; they're worth the wait.

They're also available in Maduro, which reminds me: I've been sampling the Nestor Miranda 20th Anniversary Selection cigars and will be writing a review of them shortly. They're rolled to a 7" x 56 with a pigtail at the head. I smoked the Rosado and should be getting to the Maduro sometime this week, so stay tuned for those reviews.

If you had the chance to smoke something great this past weekend, please share by leaving a comment.

~ Gary Korb


Se7en_Vandalay said…
Nice review Gary. I remember reading Barry's review over at about the lancero in this line. Based on both of your reviews, I can't wait to try these. I'm eagerly looking forward to your review of the maduro. Thanks for the review.

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