The advantages of having a moochidor

I recently received the following email:

"Is it worth giving a really good cigar to a non-cigar-smoker? I'm talking about giving friends who are not cigar smokers really good cigars. I bought a friend who just got married a Fuente Fuente OpusX. He smoked half of it and said he'd finish it later. I probably could have given him a cheapo machine-made cigar, and he probably wouldn't have known the difference."

I'm sure many of you reading this can relate. That's why you need a "moochidor." A moochidor is a cigar humidor where you stash your under-par cigars and cigars you know you will never smoke for inexperienced cigar smokers, or those schnorers (Yiddish for "beggars"), who are always hitting on you for a cigar. Funny, how they always seem to leave their cigars in the store, isn't it?

When it comes to friends, however, you do want to be generous, and I can understand the writer's eagerness to give his buddy an OpusX as a wedding gift, even though he knew the guy wasn't an avid cigar smoker. I've even done so on occasion, my rationale being, if they take to it, at least I'm giving them a great experience. The writer may have been thinking the same thing.

In today's economy, it probably makes more sense to protect your investment and keep some low-budget sticks handy for those occasions when the moochers come a-knockin'. If you don't have a separate humidor, you can always section off part of your humidor with some undesirables.

For fun, use a little psychology, too. Hold the box in front of them, and as you reach in for the cigar say, "I've got a really special stick in here just for you." I bet you they'll relish that dog rocket.

~ Gary Korb


John said…
Excellent advice for the "moochers" among us! I do something along those lines with my family members--especially my sons who are now in the mid-late 20's--that seems to work quite well. Since one of them is in med school and the other is just starting nursing school, their finances are limited to say the least. Cigars are not in their budget, but they still like to enjoy one once in a while. When I'm around, it's no problem to pick out a cigar that suits their tastes but didn't cost me an arm and a leg. However, if I'm not home and they want to smoke a cigar, I tell them they can smoke any cigar in my humidor without a label on it--in other words, a second. All of my seconds are good cigars (Rocky Patels, Perdomo ESV 91s, etc), so they can learn to appreciate a quality cigar, but they only cost me about 3 bucks per stick.
TriMarkC said…
I agree, and have two sections on the top half of my humidor for cigars that are ok, or yard-gars. If I know someone won't appreciate a really good cigar (and in today's economy, even that's been cut back down to reasonable range, even for me!), then I pull from those sections. Same for when I bring several cigars with me for an outing or event when other guys might want to "mooch" - I have several available from these two sections to pass out if/when they ask!

I like John's idea about keeping seconds available, but to be honest, I really like his choices of seconds!! :-)
Anonymous said…
I am in the same boat with John, I keep seconds in my box. Not just for moochers and the occasional smoker but for myself as everydays. The R/P fusions and Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet are excellent for both to burning everyday and to give out. For 3 bucks or less a stick, you can't go wrong. In fact, I have to get a larger humidor as I seem to be stock piling cigars faster than I can smoke them.
Anonymous said…
it certainly seems to be a universal problem. i grade the quality of stogie i offer to friends based on what i think they'll appreciate - but it doesnt stop my son from stealing my best stock!

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