The "must-reads" of the week: CigarCycolpedia's Retailer Roundtable

Get used to seeing a lot of Rich Perelman this weekend, especially if you subscribe to our newsletter. But that's neither here nor there. Today I want to draw your attention to a three-part series of interviews the ace reporter did with three of the cigar industry's biggest names in retail: Arthur Zaretsky of Famous Smoke Shop, Lew Rothman of J-R, and Keith Meier of CI.

Mr. Perelman focuses on three areas that are of most concern to cigar retailers: the future of cigar stores, brands and makers, and finally, what the future holds for the industry. I found it to be one of the most enlightening series written on the industry in quite some time. It's not everyday you get to hear what the head honchos really think about the state of the cigar business.

So kick back, light-up a good cigar, and enjoy these "must reads." ~ G.K.

Roundtable I: The Future of Stores

Roundtable II: Brands and Makers

Roundtable III: Today and Tomorrow


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