Another fine night of Metro smoky pleasure

By Gary Korb

Last night I had the pleasure of joining the fine league of gentleman (and ladies) at the Metropolitan Cigar Society in Fairfield, New Jersey for a cigar tasting event featuring the MAXX by Alec Bradley cigars. Alec Bradley Cigars founder, Alan Rubin was there to introduce the cigars and tell the story behind them. The MAXX cigars served were "The Culture" (6½" x 54) and the "The Fixx" (5" x 58).

I hadn't visited the club since last summer, when it was still under construction, and the completed space is everything a private cigar club should be. The dining area, which they call "La Cubana," has been designed to look and feel like you're sitting in an old Havana courtyard, offering the ideal atmosphere for enjoying premium cigars, great food, and drink.

Even Alan was blown away by the surroundings, and he's been to some of the best cigar clubs in the country. I sat at Alan's table looking on as a number of members approached to compliment him on the cigars.

The MAXX selection, which was blended by Alan and Nestor Plasencia, is currently in my Top-5 list of full-bodied cigars. I'm featuring them as my "Pick of the Month" for the Famous Smoke Shop June catalog. Moreover, Alan will be among the participants at the Famous Smoke Shop Bar-B-Q scheduled for Saturday, June 30th.

I'll even let you in on a little secret I learned about MAXX. The blend is based on the cigars Nestor makes for his own personal use, so, it's very much like smoking a private estate cigar. I smoked The Culture, and I'm always amazed by its complex tapestry of dark, sweet, and earthy tobacco flavors. It's so consistent that even in the last couple of inches, the cigar never turns bitter or stronger.

Finally, I'd like to thank Bob, Rich, Ben and all the other MCS members for having me once again as their guest. If you live in the New York City Metro area and would like to learn more, visit The Metropolitan Cigar Society website. If you feel like joining, you can even download an application. The more the merrier.


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