By Gary Korb

If you've been following this blog, you may remember that last night I joined the gang at for their Thursday night chat. I don't really do a lot of chatting online, but it was a great experience, and look forward to doing it again soon.

The first thing I'd like to do is thank "tacHammer" once again for inviting me, as well as the other guys who participated, including "Zman," roadgypsy," and "Fletchman" among all the others who showed up.

During the hour-and-a-half I spent with them, we covered a lot of ground. We chatted about Perdomo Lot 23 cigars, Camacho Coyolar Puro cigars, Famous N3K cigars, La Gloria Cubana Reserve Figurados, MAXX, La Flor Dominicana Double Ligeros, even Tabamex cigars, and other cigars too numerous to mention. We also talked about some of the top blenders like Hendrik Kelner, Ernesto Carrillo, Daniel Nuñez and Benji Menendez.

I was re-reading the log today, and I noticed that I missed a couple of things. Sometimes there are three or four cross-conversations going on at once. It's like being at a poker table with 20 players. This probably happened while I occasionally went to look up info on the Famous Smoke Shop website for some of the cigars we talked about. So, to answer Fletchman's question about how long I've been at Famous, it will be six years in next month. I was also happy to see that many members are FSS customers, so thanks for your business.

By the end of the thread we got into a good discourse on the future of Cuban cigars being sold legally in the U.S. If I can share some excerpts, here's a taste, which I think exemplifies the feelings of many other cigar smokers I've spoken to on this subject:

(Fletchman) Gary - a lot of people are talking about the embargo being lifted soon - what's your opinion?
(FamousGary) I think if the embargo is lifted, you'll pay as much for Havanas on the open market as you do now on the black market. Remember, they're supplying everyone else in the world except us.
(roadgypsy) the cigar industry in Cuba isn't what it used to be
(tacHammer) nope
(Fletchman) I for one don't see it happening soon. I think if anything happens it will bring a lot of people who don't smoke cigars on a regular basis
(roadgypsy) and Cuba can't produce enough tobacco to keep up the demand they are buying tobacco now
(roadgypsy) the products coming out of central America are imo better than any Cuban cigar made
(Zman) the only problem will be to the rights to certain brands
(FamousGary) I read an article saying that even if the embargo were lifted tomorrow, and had open trade, even if the government went democratic, it will take almost 10 years just to repair Cuba's infrastructure.
(roadgypsy) we ought to buy Cuba and make it into an adult Disneyland
(tacHammer) lol
(Zman) They're still driving vintage cars from the 50's
(roadgypsy) casinos, [broads] and cigars
(FamousGary) Great idea. I think Dreamworks should take it over.
(roadgypsy) lol
(FamousGary) No. That's better. Steve Wynn not Spielberg


tacHammer said…
It was great having Gary in our chat last Thursday night. We really enjoyed the conversation and appreciate the cigars donated for give-a-ways. We had no winners at our last chat mainly because most everyone there were administrators and ineligible to win the contest. I'm sure when the word gets out we will have more participants for our free cigar 5er give-a-ways.

A big thank you goes out to Gary and for the support of the Famous-Smoke team.
roadgypsy said…
thanks gary we do appreciate your participation with us it is always fun to talk with you some day maybe wecan all get together and have a mini herf take care bud se ya again soon we hope, signed roadgypsy

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