Pennsylvania cigar smokers must take action now!

This is the week that state legislators in Pennsylvania began debating Governor Rendell's tobacco tax increase proposal. So today I'm reaching out to every cigar smoker in Pennsylvania for help.

As an example of what can happen when tobacco taxes are levied on the retailer, New York State's enormous tobacco tax increase eventually forced Famous Smoke Shop to leave New York City after 61 years and move to Pennsylvania in 2000 where the tax climate was more hospitable. Now, if Governor Rendell's proposal is allowed to pass, it may similarly force retailers to move out of his state while taking scores of jobs (a/k/a taxpaying workers) along with them.

If you want to take action - and the sooner the better - there are a couple of ways to make your voice heard. If you click on the following link, it will help you quickly find your PA state representative's phone number and email address:

There is also a Pennsylvania Cigar Tax Hotline you can call at 1-877-978-9993. A live operator will answer, ask for your zip code, and your call will be put through to your state representative's office. If you get their answering machine, you must leave a message stating that you're opposed to the Governor's proposed tobacco tax increase. Please have your opposition statement ready and make it strong.

It's going to take a big state-wide offense to stop this bill that will significantly increase the cost of your cigars, not to mention the heavy burden it will impose on Pennsylvania tobacco retailers at every level. Time is of the essence. If you haven't taken action, please do so immediately and pass the information above on to other Pennsylvania cigar smokers you know.

Your influence counts - use it!


David Dennis said…
Good luck Gary. I live in Ohio, so I have no one in Harrisburg to complain to. I do death tax returns for a living, including PA Inhertiance tax returns. You poor folks in PA have some of the most screwed up taxes I have encountered.

CigarAdvisor said…

Thanks for the sympathetic comments. I haven't lived in PA all that long, but I don't think this state can be much worse than my former state, New Jersey.
Martin said…
(Sent to my Rep)


I am opposed to the Governor's proposed tobacco tax increase. Don't we have enough taxes as it stands now?
With the up and coming casinos predicted in the state of Pa. there is no reason whatsoever for this tax increase. This tax increase will force retailers to move out of this state while taking scores of jobs (a/k/a taxpaying workers) along with them. It's bad enough that gas is as high as it is and takes a toll on everyone and nothing is getting done to fix that problem. If we would worry more about our states increased crime and illegal immigration, we wouldn't have so many problems with our taxes.
A Concerned Legal, Taxpaying Voter.

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