Cigar Smokers Unite: 48 hours to override SCHIP!

Sorry to sound like a broken record folks, but if you haven't already done so, it is now more critical than ever to call your congressmen and help ensure that Congress does not override President Bush's veto on SCHIP.

According to a memo I received from IPCPR (form. RTDA), The House of Representatives' vote on the presidential veto of the SCHIP bill is scheduled for Thursday, October 18. Call your congressman's district office to voice your opposition to the current SCHIP funding renewal bill.

It is more effective to call the district office than the Washington, D.C. office. You will talk with a live person almost immediately in the district office who will take your message. Phone calls are tallied and forwarded to your congressman daily.

Do not wait. Click here and call today! The Action Alert will provide talking points for that quick phone call based on your congressman's vote.

Thank you,


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