Retro-Smoke: La Flor Dominicana Factory Press II

By Gary Korb

I don't know how "retro" this cigar is since the La Flor Dominicana Factory Press II was only released last year, but it's been sitting in my humidor for almost as long and has got to be one of the best cigars I've had the pleasure of smoking in quite awhile. Actually, I've been a fan of La Flor Dominicana cigars since I got into cigar smoking many moons ago. Their quality, flavor and consistency has always been truly outstanding, but I rarely buy them. The problem for me is they're too darned overpriced. Of course, there are always exceptions...

The La Flor Dominicana Factory Press II is a Limited Edition cigar that's crafted to a 6¼" x 54 length, then flat-pressed to what I surmised as closer to 64 ring - almost a full inch across. The blend consists of vintage Dominican filler and binder cloaked in a stunning Nicaraguan wrapper that glistens like black onyx. It really looks like a candy bar! Moreover, by the look of it, I thought it was going to be quite hearty. And the flavor…incredibly yummy.

I smoked it a couple of days ago out on the deck with a good book paired with my favorite non-alcoholic concoction of tonic water & lime juice. The cigar lit well and drew exquisitely. The smoke itself was creamy-smooth, medium in body and teased my palate with a delectable mix of espresso, cocoa, almonds, and sweet tobacco flavors. By the end of the first third, I was beginning to think this truly was a candy bar. The ash was quite firm and the 6+ inch length provided a long smoke that I didn't want to end.

My advice. If you can find one, get one. This is one of those "rare treat" cigars that really is worth the extra money.


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