My Weekend Cigar: Perdomo Edición de Silvio No.2 Torpedo

By Gary Korb

This Perdomo Edición de Silvio® No2. Torpedo (6 1/8" x 54) was one of those cigars that I had in my humidor for a long time and kept putting off to smoke. Why? Who knows? Maybe I was waiting for some special occasion to smoke this cigar, which costs around $475 for a box of 20. OK, I did celebrate a birthday over the weekend, so I suppose that was as good a reason as any to smoke it.

These very limited edition Perdomo cigars are made in three wrappers: U.S. Connecticut, African Cameroon, and Broadleaf Maduro all finished with triple caps. My No.2 had the Cameroon wrapper. According to the Perdomo Cigars website, the Edición de Silvio is "comprised of a masterful blend of exquisite tobaccos, the origin of which are a fiercely guarded secret known only to the Perdomo family." And "only five of the factory's most elite torcedors are permitted to handcraft the commemorative cigars."

Sounds pretty special, huh? Actually, it was one of the most intriguing cigars I've ever had. The cigar drew well and burned perfectly with a firm, white-gray ash. The smoke was robust with a distinct spiciness on the finish, and incredibly smooth. I have to admit that it's hard to assign any specific flavors to the cigar other than to say it was predominately woody with dark, earthy tobacco undertones and a jumble of other little nuances on a long finish. I smoked the cigar with a beer, but as enjoyable as it was, I think I would have gotten more out of it had I paired it with a vintage Port, my usual choice with a cigar of this caliber. I think the fizziness and sharp taste of the ale may have restrained some of this cigar's other complexities.

Fortunately, I've got one in another size, so I'll have to see next go-round. But even at $23.75 a cigar, the Perdomo Edición de Silvio No.2 Torpedo is one of life's little masterpieces worth treating yourself to.


Anonymous said…
Wow, thats a nice cigar. The box looks really unique.
CigarAdvisor said…
Thanks. Yes, the box is quite something. It's called a "Spanish Galleon" chest. It's all handmade, lined with Spanish cedar, and even has a lock and key.
turaso said…
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Bill said…
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