Help! I'm drowning in cigar bands

I've got this insatiable habit of saving the cigar bands from practically every cigar I've ever smoked. I know I'm not alone here, since I've heard from other cigar smokers who do the same thing. I mean you can't help but love the detail that goes into some of these bands, and I've also been planning on writing a feature article on the subject at some point.

At first I just saved the fancy ones - those with a lot of gold embossing and interesting symbols. But eventually I began saving all of them regardless of their design, and even if I already have more than one of the same band. The only exceptions are torn bands which go right into the wastebasket. I've lost a couple of good ones that way.

I think what encouraged me to continue saving cigar bands was my wife, an artist, who said that one day she would make me a collage of all my cigar bands in the shape of a giant cigar. I guess I wanted to make sure she had plenty of material to work with.

Just the other day I was putting a band in one of three cigar boxes I keep my bands in. There must be at least a few hundred in that box alone. I couldn't help say to myself, "My God, did I really smoke all those cigars?!"

Then there's an envelope I keep on my desk at the office. It's one of those big old yellow "Inter-Department Delivery" envelopes with the lined spaces for writing-in the names you pass it on to and the red lace for sealing it. Does anyone still use those envelopes? I thought email replaced them. But I digress. There must be close to 1,500 bands in there alone!

Do I have a favorite band? It's hard to say. I guess my current favorite band is the one that dons the Perdomo Habano cigars. Placed against those dark, oily wrappers, it's truly elegant, to say the least. Some of the most artful cigar bands are the Plasencia Reserva Organica, La Vieja Habana, La Unica Cameroon, and the La Aroma de Cuba, to name a few. CAO also has some great-looking bands on their cigars.

Do you find it as hard to toss cigar bands away I as do? Do you have a particular favorite? After all, they are nice little pieces of artwork in and of themselves. Just curious.


Merrilee said…
How about a cigar band poster?

Which of the panters are the best?
For a girl? My husband has been trying to hook me on the big ones, but I like the sweet cigarillos.
Gary Korb said…
A poster sounds like a great idea.

Re your question about the Panter cigars, see my blog of Feb. 18 on the Panter Mignon Dessert. They're not that sweet, but have a great aroma. You may want to try the Mignon Sweet.
Anonymous said…
In case you haven't seen it, the San Cristobal bands are very nice as well. And yes, I'm a band horder too. I think it's because in order to fully appreciate the artistry of a fine hand rolled cigar you must consume it. The band is the only lingering tangible evidence of that moment that only cigar smokers understand.
Anonymous said…
I thought I was the only neurotic out there that collects c'gar bands (at least my wife thinks I am...). Intent? Probably some sort of poster that Merrilee mentions. I've seen a website that will trade you stuff (discounted) for the bands; premium bands get better stuff. Or maybe to decorate one of those silly cigar-box purses as a gift to my wife so she will continue to support my habit... ;-)

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