Toasting and lighting perfecto cigars with multi-flame torch lighters

If your cigar lighter of choice happens to be a double or triple jet torch model, here's a neat little tip for lighting perfecto-tipped cigars.

Because the foot on most perfecto cigars is so narrow, you risk scorching the wrapper leaf behind the foot the cigar when toasting it with a double or triple flame torch lighter. To avoid this calamity, instead of torching the foot "head-on," as you might with a wide-ring cigar, gently "brush" the foot of the cigar against the side of one of the jets. This will allow the foot to toast evenly without harming the wrapper.

Once the foot begins to glow evenly, you usually don't have to do much more than blow on it to complete the lighting process.

This technique also works nicely on small and café cigars.


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