Pairing Cigars with Port

Today was one of those days. I was at a loss for ideas on cigar topics to write about, so I started searching the web and came across an archived Blogcritics Magazine article by Jennifer Jordan on the finer points of Port wine. As the senior editor at Savor Each Glass, Ms. Jordan has also been gracious enough to let me post some of her articles on

Of all the alcoholic beverages I prefer to have with a good cigar, Port ranks first, and "JJ" does a great job telling the story behind Port and its many varieties. Perhaps you'll have a newfound appreciation for this marvelous nectar and choose it next time you light up your favorite cigar.

So without further adieu, here's...
Cigars and Port: A Couple of Luxuries

Cigars and alcohol have been a dynamic duo for thousands of years. From scotch and a Montecristo to brandy and a H. Upmann, they have been escorting each other to weddings, galas, and celebrations all over the world.

Though there are shelves of alcohol that go well with cigars, there is one that smokers often overlook: Port wine. Sitting in the back of a wine cellar simply waiting for someone to drink in its glory, port wine knows it is important when it comes to cigars...
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