Cigars and Cold Weather (or, A Recipe for a Smoky Garage)

If you read the blog last week, you'll recall the pair of Padrón 80th Anniversary Maduros all lined up for me and my brother tonight. I've just learned that a third BOTL will be joining in the festivities, even contributing a few premium cigars to boot.

"The more, the merrier," gushes my inner jolly old elf.

Not so fast you chubby, red-cheeked bastard. What you failed to consider were the logistics of enjoying a cold-weather cigar in the garage. Here's the facts:

1. It's detached, so the missus will be happy (or at least content)
2. A couple oil-filled space heaters will ensure our comfort
3. It's lacking any kind of smoke mitigation system

Wait…what? Three dudes smoking cigars in a warm garage that…lacks ventilation? This is akin to being served your favorite drink, only to find you have to slurp it up from a puddle on the bar. I'll make a few predictions:

1. One of the garage doors will have to be cracked to allow smoke to escape
2. Cold weather will creep in, rendering the heaters practically useless
3. We'll be too schnockered to notice
4. I'll make a New Year's Resolution to get a ventilation system, then forget all about it once the weather warms up

C'est la vie, I guess. Any suggestions?

- Hayward Tenney


Brian said…
You could get some of those "Snuggies" or "Slankets" that are being advertised. (Essentially blankets with sleeves.) And then invest in some maximum strength pain pills for the beating your are likely to receive for wearing them! LOL (Seriously though, they might actually be a good idea. You just got to be secure in your manhood.)
Cigar Advisor said…
At least you got to smoke a cigar. I don't have the luxury of a garage, and with -15F windchills last night, I wasn't going to chance turning into a cigar store indian.

Happy New Year!
- "GZG"
I live along the Thames Estuary where it meets the North Sea in the East of England (UK) and its been frozen with frost most nights and even up to midday.
I've found a chimnea as a wood burner helps a little plus a couple pints of hot tea - but i can only brave a robusto before the cold beats me - even when dressed up like an Eskimo.


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