Retro Smoke: ACID Kuba Kuba

Last Friday the Famous Smoke Shop retail store was hosting their regular afternoon gig with Lehigh Valley's ESPN Radio station at 1230 & 1320 on the AM dial. Also there was Michael Cellucci, Vice President of Sales for Drew Estate Cigars, who was doing a promotion for ACID cigars.

Not being a regular ACID cigar smoker, it had been a while since I smoked one, which I mentioned to Michael in passing. So, he asked me if I'd like one, and not being one to turn down a free cigar, I asked if he could spare a Kuba Kuba, and in return, I'd review it on this page.

At 5" x 54, the ACID Kuba Kuba has a nice heft to it and a distinctive pre-light spicy aroma. The cap clipped off cleanly and the draw was effortless. It has a sweetened Sumatra wrapper, and once lit, the cigar virtually explodes with abundant aromas of cloves, anise, and an arousing bouquet of other herbal and spice essences. The smoke is thick, creamy, and medium in body with a well-rounded, earthy-spicy flavor. But for the most part, you just sort of let yourself dissolve into all those marvelous aromas swirling about you.

For those of you who haven't had ACID cigars, or have evaded them because you're under the impression that they're flavored, which they're not, all I can say is, this is truly a unique premium cigar smoking experience that's hard to describe. You have to experience it for yourself, and I think every cigar smoker should try an ACID at least once.

As one regular ACID cigar smoker opined to me recently, "You smoke them more for the aromas than for the flavors," and now I also understand why the Kuba Kuba is at the top of the ACID food chain.

Thanks Michael.

~ Gary Korb


Absolutely great smoke that Kuba Kuba Acid is! Wonderful Review! I liked the cigar so well I am starting a blog dedicated just to Acid Kuba Kuba. Well, really it's main is Acid but I intend to get as much Kuba Kuba content and reviews as I can. I am kind of a newbie here in the smoke rhealm so I am intaking as much as I can.I am going to RSS your article if you don't mind. I will post back when the blog is rolling later tonight or tomorrow. I am gathering feeds and video's from all over.

Once again... Great Stroke Of Kuba Kuba Insight and Opinion!


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