The ideal "Divorce Cigar"

I'm not in the habit of revealing certain aspects of my personal life on these pages, but yesterday I received a letter from my lawyer with a copy of my divorce decree. Yes, "yours truly" is now FREE! Case closed.

So I got to thinking, what would be a good "Divorce Cigar?" You have your wedding cigars, new baby cigars, "that big promotion" cigars, etc. After all, cigars are meant to be enjoyed with life's greatest moments. OK, let’s get real. Divorce is not on this list of life's greatest moments, but according to just about all the divorced men I spoke to since I joined "The 51-Percenters Club," it was one of the happiest days of their life. And now that I have closure, I'm actually feeling pretty good, myself.

The question is, WHICH cigar do I choose to celebrate my emancipation? Hayward suggested I reach for a PadrĂ³n 1926 or 80th Anniversary, but I told him I've already had them. Since this is a new phase in my life, I was thinking more along the lines of a cigar that I've never smoked. There are several Pete Johnson creations I haven't tried, so I thought maybe an El Triunfador Lancero, or one of the better La Flor Dominicana Double Ligeros. Perhaps a Gurkha that I've missed, or an Oliva V Maduro would be appropriate. Come to think of it, I just received a rare Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Flor Fina Sun Grown from a friend. I also have a rare Davidoff Diademas back at the new ranch. Hmmm...

This is a tough decision, and I really want it to be special, so I'm opening up the comment box below. Tell me what you think would be the ideal divorce cigar by leaving a comment or shoot me an email. In the meantime, I'll start building a list. Once I make my decision, I'll post a review of it.

~ Gary


Mountchuck said…
That Davidoff Diadema sounds pretty good, although a bit mild for my taste.

Tatuaje RC233 is my more full bodied suggestion.
Gary Korb said…
Thanks. The Tatuaje sounds tempting. I'm keeping a list of the suggested cigars, and plan to smoke the one I choose on New Year's Eve. -G.K.

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