I just got out of a meeting where, on the conference table, stood a Blazer Spitfire torch lighter. Picking it up, I figured out the locking action, and in short order, decided on a good topic for today's blog.

Well all know there are tons of cigar lighter manufacturers out there who cater to premium cigar smokers with torch lighters - Blazer, Vector, XiKAR...even Zippo got in on the action with Blu. With no shortage of options available, what do you base your purchase on?

Ever the pragmatist, I think one of the most important criteria is the number of flames the torch produces. The most common options are single-, double-, and triple-flame torches. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages.

  • Single-flame torches provide phenomenal accuracy for touch-ups, but can take a while to light up a bigger ring cigar.
  • Triple-flame torches are great for lighting up those fat ring gauge cigars, but lack in accuracy, and gobble fuel at an alarming rate.
  • Dual-flame torches provide a reasonably accurate flame, and reasonable lighting power.

As I'm really leaning towards smaller-ring cigars these days, I'm finding more and more that a single-flame torch suits my needs. Even with larger-ring cigars, a lighter like the aforementioned Blazer Spitfire or my old Rocky Patel desktop lighter seem to do a good enough job.

As for a portable single-flame torch? Well, I’m in the market for one. Any suggestions?

How many flames do you prefer and why? Please leave your thoughts with a comment.

- Hayward Tenney


MountChuck said…
I like either single flame or triple flame. I'm not a fan of dual flame. Just don't think they do it evenly. I only like triple flame if they are arranged in a triangle configuration.

My recommendation for a single flame torch is to get a Z-Plus insert and drop it in a Zippo. It took me a while to try it because I heard people complain about having to refill frequently, but I don't have that problem at all. It's good for a long time for me.
Danny said…
I normally use a single flame torch. I have purchased a bunch of torches from deal extreme, and they work well as long as you use good quality Butane. I have recently been looking for a soft flame butane lighter, with a roller wheel flint thingy. I find something very elegant about that style of lighter.

Since you're in the market for a nice torch, get something from Prometheus. They make some nice stuff :-D
nickwiegand said…
I have used expensive triple torch, medium priced double torch and cheap single torch. Triple used too much fuel and didn't light most of the time. The double works most of the time. However I use the cheap single almost exclusively now. Get the Ronson Jet-light from walmart. $3.00 and it lights every time. You can refillit if you like or just get a new one. Plus you won't be pissed if you lose it.
Craig said…
Since I smoke mostly large ring gauge cigars I lean towards the triple flame lighters. I agree with MountChuck that the triangle shape works best.

I'm also a fan of cheaper lighters such as those form Deal Extreme or in 2-fer or 3-fer offers as I tend to leave them laying around or loan them out.

I do have a nice Xikar for special occasions though...

I also agree with Danny as far as good fuel. Bad fuel will make a good lighter perform poorly.

A last thought is to avoid shaking your fuel can before use. This gets the most fuel into the lighter with the least amount of transport gas mixed in.
Craig said…
As I smoke mostly large ring-gauge cigars I use a triple flame in a triangle shape most of the time.

I agree with Danny and use mostly cheaper lighters from sales or Deal Extreme and always use good fuel.

One tip I learned is to not shake the fuel can before use. This maximizes the fuel into the lighter with the least amount to transport gas....

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