Spring has sprung for cigars! Well, almost.

Last weekend, most of the country savored a nice little taste of Spring. Temps in my neighborhood soared as high as 70º on Saturday, melting both the prior week's snow and my herf crew's resistance to cold weather.

The weekend included some quality deck time, replete with BBQ, cold beer, and of course, a few premium cigars.

Things have cooled back down to a reasonable level, but the message is clear: the check is in the mail. Soon enough we'll be spending plenty of time with friends and family, basking in warm weather, taking in great food, libations, and cigars...and there is just nothing finer, in this man's humble opinion.

Please share your thoughts with a comment.

- Hayward Tenney


MountChuck said…
Have to agree. Can't wait until I'm not confined to the garage to smoke a nice cigar. Can't wait to fire up the grill, pour some rum, and light up a big cigar.
matt m. said…
i'm not ready for it to warm up it's already hitting the 80's consistently. now we're hitting sweating weather.

matt m.
Calestus said…
I love Spring. Sun up and shining blueberry cheesecake muffin, a medium cigar, and black coffee with a splash of Jameson starts the day off right.

Ohhhhh because the weather outside, is weather....
Anonymous said…
Last weekend was a tease, but we needed it. It's been too cold. I smoked a ambos mundos in Prospect Park (Brooklyn). The place was packed with everyone enjoying the 'teaser trailer' to spring!

TheFinancePig said…
Good thing about being in Houston is that our winter is other peoples spring. It doesn't snow and the most you have to deal with is some 40 degree days here and there. Though I still look forward to some nicer weather, because you're right. It doesn't get much better then BBQ and a stogie.
I have to admit, it has been a littler nicer here in the Manastery. I no longer feel that slight chilly discomfort near the open window, which forced me to wear slippers and pants.

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