Must a special cigar always be for a special occasion?

Cell phone RINGS: Bzzzzzzzzzzt...Bzzzzzzzzzzt...Bzzzzzzzzzzt…


"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!"

I immediately recognized the voice on the other end of the line: my Mom. She calls me every year to sing "Happy Birthday." After 29 years, it's a tradition that never ceases to put a smile on my face.

"Thanks Mom, but isn't tomorrow the 9th?"

We had a laugh about it, but it got me to thinking: Tomorrow is the day. What cigar will I smoke to celebrate?

I pondered it for a while, and felt a certain tension rising from my belly to my brain. This weekend we'll be hosting family at my house, primarily for Easter, but also in honor of Hayward's arrival on planet earth. Should I wait until then to smoke something truly spectacular?

I'm no millionaire, so while I savor an ultra-premium cigar from time to time, I can't afford one every day. But we're not promised tomorrow. When I become worm food, my collection of tobacco gems ain't going with me.

Many of us are cigar enthusiasts...some are hobbyists...some are borderline fetishists. Where do you rate? Is it smart to save "special" cigars for "special" times? Or is it a potential waste?

Please leave your thoughts with a comment.

- Hayward Tenney


Anonymous said…
Lord no! Sometimes you have to make a day special by having something special.

In the wine world, there's a thing called "Open That Bottle Night," which falls on Feb. 28. It's an excuse to finally open that bottle you've been saving for probably too long, and will run the risk of spoiling if you don't drink it sooner than later.

Something else to consider - the longer you save a cigar or a bottle of wine, the more pressure you're putting on it to perform up to what you think it should. Sure, there are some great ones out there, but if you've ever blind tasted a cigar or bottle of wine, you know how much influence the label can have.

So no - just have that great cigar!
gurzil said…
I am reminded of the quote from the movie Sideways.

"You know, the day you open a '61 Cheval Blanc... that's the special occasion."

I think last birthday I had a Tatuaje RC223 as a treat. Sometimes I save them for special occasions, other times I'll have a nicer smoke when the weather is perfect or I happen to have a good beer to match. However overall, I don't manage to keep any cigar too long.
ahaught said…
I have never thought about it, but I do find myself saving my "better" cigars for some special day yet to be determined in the future. But, I may have to re-think that and just start smoking what could be the best cigar I've ever had every time I get light one up.
John said…
Life is just too short for cheap scotch and bad cigars. I have found that there are good inexpensive cigars and bad high dollar cigars. There's just no reason to smoke something that doesn't taste good.

Now I have different cigars for different occasions, but they're all special becasue I've found that they meet my standards for flavor, strength and fullness. And believe me, I've gone through some dogs to arrive at my favorites!

So it's kind of like going to a bad movie...why bother when you can go to a good movie. All my cigars are special and all my cigar moments are special. Some are just different.
Anonymous said…
A large part of the "fun" of the special moment is that we HAVE waited for it. So if it's smoking a special cigar that you've been saving, at least to me...a large part of what makes it special is the anticipation. I do agree that sometimes that causes the moment to build up TOO large in our mind, and then the moment...that cigar...finds it tough to live up to the expectation. Perhaps a balance of both...setting it aside for a special moment not that far off in the distance...and ENJOYING the moment...are BOTH what makes it special. I have two special cigars in my humidor that I've been holding on to for such a moment...perhaps at least ONE of them will see the light of my torch tonight!!!
Rebecca said…
You know what makes a cigar special?... Custom cigar bands!!

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