The Tax Man Cometh. My cigar awaiteth.

It's finally here: Tax Day. Yuck. Time to 'fess up to the IRS and take your licks.

I filed my federal and state taxes back in January, but waited until last night to complete my local return. The reason? I knew I'd owe, and based on my local taxing authority's EIT rate of 1.5%, I knew it'd sting.

Yeah, I wasn't disappointed. But the good news is that it's over!

It's easy to equate a fine cigar with snapping photos - both are done on joyous occasions (Have you ever meet a funeral photographer?). But as I grow longer in the tooth, it occurs to me that few occasions in life call for a good cigar like Tax Day. For real.

I'm still deciding on what to smoke, but I have an Avo Compañero all lined up in my sights. What about you?

- Hayward Tenney


BCL said…
I am going to smoke something I go out and buy at lunch, I'm thinking either a Siglos or a Pepin...

I used to wait to do the taxes but now I get them over in mid feb, after having my son, Rebate time!
Calestus said…
¿Quieres Queso?
MountChuck said…
I did my taxes back in February, but because I owed (luckily not much; about a box of decent cigars between state and feds) I waited until today to mail it off.

If the weather cooperates, I'll smoke a Casa Fuente I think. I've had a few of them staring at me every time I open up my "Rares" humidor.
J.B. said…
I have a CAO Lx2 Rob in my canning jar here at work. I'm thinking I'll take that down this afternoon while walking home.

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