Rediscovering great "lost cigars"

This week I had one of those little epiphanies that happen every so ofen. I've been going through this CAO 24 cigar sampler I bought about a month ago, It comes with six of the award-winning cigar manufacturer's finest line extensions in Robusto sizes: CAO Gold, Gold Maduro, CX2, CAO Maduro, Criollo, and Brazilia.

By now I've been through all six, but as I continue to smoke through the collection, there's one cigar in here I realized that I've overlooked since it's release, and it's really grown on me: the CAO Criollo Pato (shown). In the past I've smoked only a few CAO Criollos (in several sizes) and enjoyed them all, but now that I've been able to smoke several in succession I have a newfound appreciation for this particular blend.

This got me to thinking about other cigars that I've enjoyed, but only "toyed with," so to speak. As someone who works in the cigar business, there have been many excellent releases over the years that, as good as they were, just didn't "find an audience," as one colleague wrote to me during an email thread on this subject. As a result, I've been encouraged to try some 5-packs of these other "lost cigars" to rediscover them and see what I was missing.

Have you rediscovered any cigars you haven't smoked in a long time? If so, please leave a comment.

~ Gary Korb


BCL said…
I have found cigars again that I enjoyed in the past, it seems that I go through phases. One is the RP Sun Grown. I love it then don't smoke it for a year and a half, then love it again. Seems to happen with a bunch of cigars.
M said…
Mmmm... Those Patos look great! Thanks for the CAO reminder, GK. I've got some Brazilia Box Press' hidden away that need my attention. :d -Joan
Timothy said…
Great post. My head is spinning with all of the cigars I want to revisit. The CAO Criollo being one of them come to think of it.
Anonymous said…
Tried to rediscover "Dominiques". Liked them when they were made by Fuente, but the next time I tried them I discovered they were no longer made by Fuente and the blend had changed. Still looking to 'rediscover' the old blend and taste of "Dominiques". Any leads would be appreciated.
seegars said…
CAO anniversary Cameroon. I used to smoke these on a regular basis and for whatever reason had not smoked one in awhile. Pulled one out of one of the single trays and really enjoyed it. Just so happened that Holt's ran a special on the robustos so I took advantage of the opportunity to lay some more back.
A very consistent smoke over the years. - Mark
komodata said…
One cigar that I was told that everyone passed on when it first came out was the Hoyo De Monterrey Seleccion Royale Duques. I believe the cigar first came out back in 1990. Everyone thought is was just avergae and too mild. Well, I must have hit the jackpot when about four years ago, the owner of Hemingway's in Highwood IL suggested that I try one. I was not 90 seconds into the cigar before I asked him did he have anymore and I would buy every box he had left.

My initial reaction was that I was smoking a stick of honey butter caramel wrapped with tobacco leaves. WOW what a flavor blast the aging process (not intentional - simply no one wanted the cigar) had made on this cigar. I have been on an Indiana Jones search for these ever since. If anyone knows of where I can get some of these (box only), please let me know at

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