The Legend of "Ugly Coyote" cigars

In the mood for a good yarn? Then gather 'round for a tall tale about some new cigars.

It all started back in the late 1860's. The Civil War was over. Many Americans were heading West where the women were loose, the land was cheap, and the promise of "The American Dream" awaited anyone who could survive the journey. Along the way, men smoked long, thin cigars that they rolled themselves.

As the legend goes, one night while the wagons were circled, a man known as "Big Buck" Doyle was on watch and tending to the campfire. As Buck leaned over to light-up one of his cigars, from out of nowhere a big coyote jumped on him. Buck went for his knife, but before he could put his blade into the beast, the coyote snatched the cigar out of his mouth and ran off.

Alarmed by the scuffle, some of the other men came running out to see if Buck was alright. After Buck explained what happened, one of men said, "You're lucky, my friend. That could 'a been one ugly mess."

"One thing's for sure," said Buck, "That was one ugly coyote," and from then on, he began calling his cigars "Ugly Coyote."

* * *

Sold exclusively at Famous Smoke Shop, Ugly Coyote cigars are modeled after the highly popular Backwoods cheroots. Handmade in Honduras with all-natural imported tobaccos, and rolled to a 4½" x 32 shape with a bushy foot, they're available in pouches of eight cigars or boxes of 10 pouches (80 cigars). The smoke has a naturally sweet, woody flavor and aroma offering a mild, relaxing alternative to Backwoods with much higher quality at a much lower price.

If you're a Backwoods smoker and looking for something new, these rustic looking stogies are well worth checking out.

~ Gary Korb


Anonymous said…
I bought a sampler and found that they are packed more uniformly than back woods and smoke more evenly. However the tobacco is not as mild, and the last couple of inches of the smoke has a nasty bite. The tobacco used is not as mild as backwoods and smells like manure. If they would change the blend of tobacco, they would have a decent smoke.
Buy cigars said…
I am lover of cigars and smoke it regularly.I am that much addicted that i can't survive even one day without smoking cigars.

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