My Weekend Cigar: Rocky Patel Edge Lite Toro

Yesterday I took my two sons down the shore (that's what we Jersey folks call "the beach") to stay with my parents for a week of fun. Since I like sitting and watching the waves with a good cigar, I brought one that I haven't smoked in quite a while. It was a Rocky Patel Edge Lite Toro that must have been in my humidor for at least a couple of years.

The cigar was in excellent condition. The Connecticut wrapper had darkened some and was still oily. With the easterly ocean breeze blowing right at me I only got half the cigar lit. That said, the cigar showed-off its excellent construction, as within a few minutes it was burning perfectly. Moreover, despite the breeze, the ash burned so firmly it held up almost two inches before it gave in to the wind (see my cell phone photo at right).

Although this cigar is supposed to be a milder version of the Rocky Patel Edge cigars, the smoke was abnormally peppery and strong. I've had enough of these cigars in the past to note that I didn't remember them being so spicy. In any event, I paired it with a bottle of Poland Spring water, relaxing on the sand, and enjoying its sweet aroma as I watched my boys build a sand castle. Ah, the joys of Fatherhood.

Overall, the smoke was dominated by a strong woody flavor with a hefty dollop of black and red pepper from start to finish. I smoked it down to about the two-inch mark, by which time the wind had begun to reek havoc with the wrapper.

Although I've enjoyed this cigar in the past and recommended it often, this particular Edge Lite left me wanting. My faith in Rocky's consistency over the years, especially with his Edge lines, caused me to think that maybe it was just an oddball.

~ Gary Korb


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