Perdomo Habano cigars bow at Famous Smoke Shop

By Gary Korb

The highly-anticipated Perdomo Habano® Corojo and Maduro selections have finally begun appearing on the shelves at Famous Smoke Shop. Now in stock are the Gordo (6" x 60), Presidente (7" x 56), and the Torpedo (6½" x 54), with the Toro (5½" x 54) and Robusto (5" x 52) coming soon. Note, they are taking backorders in those sizes.

In case you missed it, here's what I wrote in my August 17th blog about the Perdomo Habano Toro Maduro: "This new creation from Nick Perdomo has been one of the most impressive in terms of my personal taste preference. It's beautiful to look at, too. The wrapper is dark, even in color, and oily. Plus, the detail on the extra large band is a piece of artwork unto itself. Thick, creamy smoke emanated from the head as the room filled with a hearty, sweet aroma. The flavor was primarily woody with a trace sweetness and a modicum of spiciness on the palate. (The cigar actually looks much stronger than it is.) The smoke is extremely smooth, perfectly-balanced, and full-flavored without the heaviness of a full-bodied cigar."

I recently got around to smoking the Perdomo Habano Toro Corojo and was equally impressed, but found it a little spicier.

If you'd like to learn even more about these stunning cigars from the man himself, check out the video of Nick Perdomo, who described the Perdomo Habano to me at the RTDA last month.

Check 'em out, and after you've had one, please write in and let me know what you thought.


Jaqlene Klum said…
Now that seems some nice cigars but are they available online as discounted cigars like others are being availed.

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