SCHIP Update: It's never too late to call, even to say “thanks”

This posting may be a little too late, because I was out of town yesterday, and the Congressional vote on SCHIP has already been tallied, but here goes.

What follows is the gist of an email from Nick Perdomo that was forwarded to me:

“I have been in meetings all this week with several key Congressmen and Senators. Tell the people to call their Congressmen and Senators and to ask for their legislative assistants who are on the SCHIP bill, particularly the large cigar tax portion. These people need to know that this will destroy a complete industry in our country, not to mention putting over 400,000 people out of work in Central America. Also when leaving your message, thank them for removing the floor tax on large cigars.”

To call your Congressmen, click here.

To call your Senators, click here.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has followed through by putting the pressure on in an effort to keep this bill from breaking the back of the premium cigar industry.


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