Retro-Smoke: Diablo Pimiento

By Gary Korb

With the reemergence of this cigar that debuted in 2004, I thought I'd take another look at Diablo. The cigar I selected was a Diablo Pimiento, a 6½" x 45 Lonsdale, not a shape I normally smoke, but I figured if I liked the Lonsdale, the others should be pretty nice, too.

The cigar was very attractive with a thick, dark Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. It was rolled a bit tight, but the draw was OK. It lit perfectly and burned clean all the way down with a light-grey ash.

Made with a Nicaraguan and Dominican filler blend, it's supposed to be a "spicy" cigar. From the get-go the cigar was actually quite mild, but what was spicy was the aroma, which I liked very much. I suppose the best way to put it would be "tangy."

As it smoked the cigar took on a more medium-bodied flavor, and then at about one-third up, the cigar did get spicier with sort of a mild, red-peppery taste. From that point on the cigar was very consistent, well-balanced, and pretty flavorful with a note of sweetness on the finish.

As good medium-bodied cigars go I would recommend the Diablo, but probably more as a warm-up for newer cigar smokers who want to crossover to the more full-bodied and genuinely spicy fare.


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