How I spent my New Year's vacation

I was on vacation from last Saturday, Dec. 27 through yesterday, and if you thought I spent the better part of it smoking some great cigars, you'd be wrong. That's why I didn’t have "My Weekend Cigar" posted, as per usual, this week.

Saturday, I was in my old, now "non-smoking" state of New Jersey to play a gig, which took place in the smoke-free bar. And I had no time between sets to have even a "short smoke."

On Sunday, I picked up my sons, and they spent the better part of the week and New Year's eve with me. I promised my landlord I wouldn't smoke cigars in the apartment, plus I don't like to smoke around my kids, so that prevented me from lighting up.

By New Year's eve I was really jones'n for a cigar. I spent the night with the kids at my brother's house. My brother and I usually have a good cigar together, but with a mean temperature of 21º, 60mph gusts, and -15º wind chills, that was out of the question. I was really looking forward to having my New Year's Eve and my "divorce cigar" that I wrote about recently, too.

Well, enough about that. The boys are back now with mom, and I'm back in the office enjoying a Perdomo Patriarch Maduro "Corona Extra" as I write this. Ahhh!...

I can comment on one cigar I did have shortly before I left for my vacay. Although they're not yet in stock, I had a Robusto sample of the upcoming Famous Smoke Shop 70th Anniversary cigars by Padrón, and it was quite a smoke. Reminded me very much of Padron's own Anniversary selection. So keep your eyes peeled for those in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoyed some good New Year's cigars, and I'm now working on my "Best Cigars of 2008" list. If you'd like to share some of your New Year's cigar experiences, please leave a comment.

~ Gary Korb


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