Peas and carrots

Some things were just meant to go together: Saturday morning and cartoons. Peanut butter and jelly. Football and beer. To that list, I humbly submit the following:

Cigars and XiKAR cutters.

At risk of sounding like an advertorial, here's the story. About a year ago, before the anti-smoking Nazis' influence came to full fruition, I was at a bar with some pals in Lancaster, PA. In my circle I’m the "cigar guy," so it was my great pleasure to share some primo sticks alongside our many and various libations. With last call upon us, we stumbled into a cab playing Charlie Daniels on the radio and made our way home. As we belted out "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" at the top of our lungs, it occurred to me that this had been a very fun night, indeed.

Inspecting my pockets the following morning, I winced at finding nada where my XiKAR Xi3 Tech cutter was supposed to be. Though not cheap, this cutter had been the most reliable accessory I ever had the pleasure of owning: In short, the lovechild of form and function, with its bead blasted stainless titanium finish, teardrop profile, and rubberized grip. Its smooth cutting action made the clipping ritual a true pleasure. (Sigh)

Friends, I told you that to tell you this: I've been reunited with the beloved Xi3 Tech. Not the same one, naturally - some sticky-fingered jerk is running around Lancaster with that one - but with her exact likeness. I can barely subdue my excitement…in fact, I think I'll clip a cigar now, to be smoked in her honor.

Life is good.

What's your must-have cigar accessory? Let me know by leaving a comment.

- Hayward Tenney


BCL said…
Mine would have to be my Xicar cutter. I lost it last year and I thought my son hid it somewhere. Turns out I found it two weeks ago in a chair (and by in a chair I mean inside, not just under a cushion), it had slipped (or had been placed by a little guy into hiding things) into the chair and I found it while retrieving a matchbox car. I was so happy to have it back!!! said…
For me, it is my lighter. I have a Palio cutter, and while I love it, I am fine using any cutter. My lighter, however, has sentimential value. I got it when I launched my cigar blog, Next Generation Cigars, and have used it ever since. It is in my pocket every day, and I dont know what I would do without it. (especially since the company just closed up shop)
MountChuck said…
RH beads. Ever since I switched to beads maintaining my humidors has been much easier. I recommend them to everyone, especially beginners, for their ease of use. I use them in both of my coolerdors and both of my desktops, plus in my travel humidor. Only way to go.

My Palio cutter is a close second.
Syrlinus said…
I have two: my Xikar Xi3 Spectra and my Blazer lighter. ;)
Cigar Advisor said…
@BCL - Luck you! Same thing happened w/ my glasses, but I lost them for about 7 months... - Sorry to hear that, at least you have a nice memento.

@MountChuck - I've been singing the praise of fool-proof beads for a while now. Easiest humidifying solution EVAR!

@Syrlinus - Both outstanding! Hold onto them for dear life!!!
Walt said…
My absolute favorite cigar accessory is my Xikar MTX Multitool. I've grown very attached to it and use it just about every time I open up a cigar.

A couple of months ago it broke and needed to be sent in for warranty repair/replacement. I was bummed out because I knew that the newer models did not have a handy dandy knife blade (removed for air travel). I sent in my cutter with a note explaining how much I would appreciate an "old design" as my replacement.

I couldn't have been happier when Xikar shipped me back a replacement cutter in the old design.

That's easy. ST Dupont lighter. Its the only lighter I have the lights up every time! The rest have to be fiddled with just to light one time. Second place? Palio cutter.

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